Rules And Regs For Guest Posts

As most of you know, I would love to put out more content on this site, but life circumstances just do not allow for me to consistently do so. For that, I apologize. As the comments sections grow and veer off topic, my very well-informed audience provides links to current and/or interesting news and information. Sometimes this leads to me scrapping stories that I am currently working on.

Recently, I have received a number of requests and suggestions from guests of the site to submit and contribute their own posts. I feel this would help provide more content, and it would cut down on the number of story ideas that I end up discarding because they’ve already been discussed in the comments section. So I have come up with some guidelines for anyone who wants to contribute.

  1. Not all submissions will be published. Do not be offended. I don’t even publish everything I write.
  2. Please self-edit. I try to maintain a high quality in the content that is published. Quality means a lot of time is spent on editing the posts. Quality is preferred over quantity. If your post is chosen for publishing , I’d prefer to not add to my workload with extensive editing
  3. Limit posts to under 1,000 words. Exceptions can be made depending on the topic. Again, I prefer quality over quantity. And again, that whole don’t-make-life-harder-on-me thing.
  4. Provide links to credible sources to support your work. Opinion pieces are just opinion, and are welcome, but when arguing a fact, I pride myself on providing the necessary citations to justify my positions. Wikipedia is not usually a credible source.
  5. Submit your posts in the body of your email.
  6. No vulgarities.

Also, please be aware that submissions are voluntary. You will not be paid. I do not receive any monetary rewards for running and maintaining this site. You will, however, receive all the fame and notoriety that comes with being published on FR!

Please email submissions to freedom[at]freedomreconnection[dot]com.

I assume there will be some growing pains associated with this, and will do my best to adjust as needed.

Thank you.


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