About Freedom Reconnection

Hi. I am FreedomRecon, or FR for short. I’m a proud American, a proud Texan, and a proud Christian conservative. I’m also a chick who’s full of snark, so if you can’t handle that, or if you’re an easily offended member of the PC Pansy Patrol, this is not the website for you.

Raised by two alpha personalities, I grew up in a small southeast Texas town. My mom’s professional background is in education–within the classroom as well as on the administrative side. My father, a Vietnam era veteran, was an accounting nerd and computer geek before his retirement. As for myself, I married and had a couple of children. I divorced in 2002 and ended up raising my children on my own.

My conservatism intensified as the left intensified its efforts to impose its agenda on ordinary Americans like me. The more that progressives told me I needed government to help me with my childcare, my housing, and so many other everyday functions in order to make it through life as a single mother, the more it ticked me off. What did our mothers and grandmothers fight for when they marched for women’s rights? Certainly not to trade in our husbands for Big Daddy Government!

I’ve been told I am fearless but sensible, yet I never take myself too seriously. While not forgetting my responsibilities in life, I still have fun, too. My parents taught me that fighting for our country’s future and standing up for the Constitution are among the most important responsibilities we have as Americans.

I am ready to take back my America from the progressive agenda. Are you? Yeah? Well then…let’s roll!


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