Learning to Walk in the Shoes of Law Enforcement

Today’s decision by Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne to not file charges against Madison, WI, police officer Matthew Kenny in the March 6th shooting death of Tony Robinson will undoubtedly bring about more protests like we’ve seen recently in … Continue reading

Grow Up, Amazon

What the crap. Amazon.com, the nation’s largest online retailer, has removed the Gender category from its website’s Toys & Games department along the sidebar search options. Before, consumers used to be able to narrow their searches to “Boys” or “Girls” … Continue reading

Using Poverty As An Excuse For Avoiding Consequences

Lately I’ve read quite a few articles and blog posts about how poor people are being criminalized. The articles list examples from Ferguson, Baltimore, and other cities where incidents of social unrest have dominated recent headlines to prove their point. … Continue reading