Let’s Go to War Against This Woman Who Won’t Betray Her Conscience

People are freaking weird. Take the case of the spectacle going on in Rowan County, Kentucky (pop. 23,333), right now with the gay and lesbian couples who have wanted to get married but the mean old County Clerk has repeatedly … Continue reading

The CO2 Response: Change Is Good Except When It’s Bad

In his address to the nation this week, President Barack Obama tells us he is traveling to Alaska today for three days. He is using the trip as another opportunity to try to freak out Americans with proggy end-of-the-world scenarios, … Continue reading

Temporary Workers May Soon Be Permanent Pain For Businesses

Our current administration can’t stand that business owners are in the business of making money, so it’s doing whatever it can to punish them. The National Labor Relations Board ruled today that a company must share responsibility with the temp … Continue reading

About Inanimate Objects Used for Deadly Purposes

The horrific murder of two Roanoke journalists on live television this morning has stirred a multitude of reactions–from shock and sadness for the victims… Our entire newsroom is heartbroken. Everyone is crying. #WDBJ pic.twitter.com/i8sdMVXsil — Kelly Gray (@kellbellgray) August 26, … Continue reading

Clinton Campaign Selective in Registering Voters

On Friday, Time reported that the staff for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign was “put on alert” after some suspected that the conservative investigative group Project Veritas, headed by James O’Keefe, had infiltrated their ranks. The campaign’s suspicions were verified today. … Continue reading

Officer Elmer Fudd Graffiti Befuddles, While Officer KKK Flyer Angers

Yesterday, the website Raw Story put up a pair of articles that at first glance would appear to look like there are white racists terrorizing the public and especially the black community. But one would find upon the briefest examination … Continue reading

San Franciscans Have A Sad Over Trees Replacing Trees

When progressive ideas come into conflict with progressive ideas, you just have to laugh. For instance, the San Francisco Chronicle published a story yesterday with the headline “Neighbors speak up for trees facing ax to make room for bus line.” … Continue reading