The CO2 Response: Dismissing Reality, Obama Lists High Hopes for Change in the Coming Year

Lists are cool. The existence of Buzzfeed is proof of this. Year-end lists are the coolest because we get to remember what was so cool about the year that is now behind us. Obama is the most coolest President ever, … Continue reading

Justice Sotomayor’s Action Exposes the Lie of Impartiality in Same-Sex Marriage Decision

It should be no surprise that Supreme Court justices have a history of presiding over weddings. But when the wedding ceremonies they choose to officiate show an unmistakable bias toward a contentious and divisive issue, it shows that they are … Continue reading

Bill Maher Says Christians and Many Republicans Are Sharia

Bill Maher: “If you say, as Kim Davis and her ilk, and Ted Cruz and all those people say that actually ‘I can ignore the rule of man because the rule book of God said’ — then you are Iran. … Continue reading

Let’s Go to War Against This Woman Who Won’t Betray Her Conscience

People are freaking weird. Take the case of the spectacle going on in Rowan County, Kentucky (pop. 23,333), right now with the gay and lesbian couples who have wanted to get married but the mean old County Clerk has repeatedly … Continue reading

Biology Is Offensive and Intolerable, and Those Who Refer to It Must Be Punished

Our modern purveyors of tolerance are done tolerating other views. They’re done tolerating science. They’re done tolerating reason. We know this by their intolerance of dissent in the global warming debate–a debate that is not over, no matter how often … Continue reading

Using Old Glory in Your Facebook Profile Pic Means You Hate Gay People

Are you a Facebooker? You want to celebrate the Fourth of July on your profile? Well, you may not want to do that. You could be branded a homophobe. Apparently–and I say “apparently” because I’m not a Facebook user at … Continue reading