The Civil Rights Act: The Bad Deal

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Americans have been accustomed to the Civil Rights Act being a part of our rule of law. Yet, rights come from our Create not our gov’t. Why then did we need to make rights law instead of enforcing the rights already afford to us in the Constitution? It was designed to create chaos.

When we began to separate our citizens based on a plethora of things (race, gender, age), we divided up the American pie. We created subcategories of citizens that wanted to be catered to at the expense of freedom. Yup. To gain the fair treatment American blacks felt they deserved, we played into our gov’t trick of taking away freedom. The Freedom of Association to be exact.

Now more than ever, people are complaining about what they should or should not be made to do. Women want the right to abort their young, military want the right not to see a burning flag, and conservatives want the right to protect themselves with firearms. No one is seeing how we got here because of begging the gov’t to acknowledge us in the first place.

Why did we march on Washington asking D.C. for anything? Wasn’t it D.C that said we blacks were nothing short of apes in the first place. I know, times have changed and we cannot say that all of our government is biased, look we have a Black Caucus just for black politicians. Wait, isn’t that excluding people.

I proposed that we stop with this American 60-year idea of inclusiveness. Why do we force businesses to cater to people they don’t want to? I don’t want a Nazi baking anything that my family should eat. Why would I want to make him cook for me? That sounds like slavery. You want a White Entertainment Channel, create one. You want black superheroes, draw them. That is what America is.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 1991 has created more harm than good. It has created an entitlement attitude that bylaw we can forgo consent and force others to do as we wish. Was that Kings Dream? I mean do you want love from someone forced to do it.

Don’t get me wrong. I know, what about the racist, homophobe, Islamophobes that want nothing to do with me or following along. Stop. People are people and we all have prejudges/biases we rather our mothers do nor know. Why even drag these people? Why instead not live the American Dream and compete with them? Yes, I know it is hard and one will cry how can we compete? By excluding ourselves and creating products/services that do what we wish. Compete and drive them out by really controlling how we spend our money.

Millions spend time on complaining about corporations and hand their money right over. For example, ESPN angered both liberals and conservatives. ESPN, owned by Disney will not suffer from it. Disney through Marvel will have Americans spending billions on Avengers Infinity War and Black Panther. No one will remember at all why they hate ESPN for supporting the NFL kneeling or the treatment of a black news anchor. Americans get mad but not enough to think, to change.

The Civil Rights act became the spring board for any and everyone to cry about what ails them and demand others to care. It became the bat to beat people into submission and a uniform way to think. The Equal Opportunity Act forced people to do what they didn’t want to and not see where they could be wrong. I mean if you are forced to hire black players for your basketball team it is much easier to hide that you hate blacks. Who would know that you were being forced? It’s the law.

I believe that the Civil Rights Act today has created tons of “WHAT ABOUT ME” in this culture that has destroyed the original intent, eroded Freedom of Association and convoluted the much innocent people that just wanted a chance. In fact, I think the Civil Rights Act shouldn’t have been passed at all.

America has a habit of making new laws for things instead of enforcing the laws we have. If we are all to adhere to the Constitution as U.S. citizens, we are all already needed to be treated equal. If a Cake baker doesn’t want to make a cake for gays, then fine. That’s an awful business strategy, but hit them in their pockets rather than begging our slow Congress.

I truly believe as a Black American, the Civil Rights Act has also made our people lazy. Instead of creating our own where we see niches in the market, we keep crying to a system that we say isn’t even for us. Okay, it doesn’t have to be “for us” at all. In fact, Damon Dash was able to make billions selling “for us by us” brand clothing. Obviously, he made this niche work and tremendously it did.

America is the land of opportunity. But one must take that opportunity and stop asking Uncle Sam for everything. We black Americans had our own production companies, comics, theaters and colleges. Why did we need to crawl to Washington to provide? In fact, Washington gets in our way.

It takes so much to start a company today thanks to going to Uncle Sam to solve all our problems. Taxes are too many and too confusing, getting a loan is complex and trying keep ideas to ourselves are stolen. Is it really Uncle Sam’s job to do all this for us? Quite frankly, Uncle Sam needs to be fired. Sammy is a terrible father, disciplinarian, and equalizer. We don’t need him to be treated equal. What we need is him to get out of the way.

We allowed a democrat white President to virtue signal. Lyndon Johnson created a platform to take away our choice to do business with whom we wish. The Civil Rights Act divided us up into so many groups that we keep finding people it left out. Why do beg Uncle Sam at all?


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