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An overused term this year, woke means to be aware of what is going on. It can either be about religion, the gov’t or even the entertainment industry. It also refers to militant segregationist to justify racism under the guise of some higher intellectual way of thinking. See, it is supposed to be the opposite of what the masses of people do-them being zombie like and in a slumber to the tricks that those in power play on us because we are tired.


As children we are constantly asked what our dreams are? Dreams refer to the fantasy life we see for ourselves as adults. Americans have a dream, Dr. King had a dream, we all are told we dream. Yet, how can we dream if we don’t sleep? How can we do what is destined for us to do if we are tired from not resting?

Is being woke so important that we sacrifice the much-needed time it takes to actually think about what it is we support and advocate? I know being trendy is trendy for my generation. Yet, we should never jump on a bandwagon because it’s the popular thing to do. Why? Just like climate, it changes. Something that has been happening since we came out of our mothers.

What is this obsession with calling things or ourselves woke? We don’t act like we are awake when our countries number one drug of choice is caffeine. Our behavior doesn’t match our rhetoric at all. We do the same things, listen to the same people and expect different results, is that woke? What about the woke people who use the word too much and tell us all the time they woke?

Wokeness sounds more like a state of being. This would mean we aren’t allowed to bash the sleepy because wokeness is something that we get from out birth. Opening our eyes is how we come to know we are alive. Yet, wokeness has become just another thing in a long list of terms to separate people from each other to feel special.

What if you already knew what you know through experiences and schooling? Is this being woke? Is regurgitating some rhetoric or motto of an organization part of it? Sorry. Am I asking too many questions? Questioning seem to be part of wokeness. Or so I thought until I questioned the questionioners and told that some questions are indeed dumb.

Who decided that being woke was the best state of being. Doesn’t one have to have been asleep to be awakened. We’ve had some movements in history in which this “Awakening” has been celebrated. To me each time it seems that those who run the movement define woke in a different amount a way. Summarily, awaken always seems awesome and grand when the supposed it one that does it, does so in the way others have done it. If you awake challenging the status quo or even challenging the challengers, your aren’t AWOKE you are just an idiot.

This whole concept of being WOKE for something that suffers from insomnia is mind boggling. It feels as if the modern Woke people are only aware for the sake of being so. And there is no yardstick to gauge which time in our lives is the preferable time to woke. Researchers suggest that toddlers and teens experience their own self awareness and that’s why they seem unbearable. It is the knowing that you have free will and can in fact do what you want regardless of who is in charge and what the consequences may be.

Knowing that sleep is hard to come by, I ask that people to stop rushing to be WOKE. Maybe is rest is truly what we need and why we even have a day dedicated to it.

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