Late Night “Comedy” Shows -Where’s the “Comedy”?

Late Night Comedy show hosts have stepped up their political commentaries to the point their shows lack any real humor. It has reached a point you watch any of these Jimmy Kimmel, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and other “Comedy” shows and you are faced with one sided arguments meant to resist Donald Trump, the nefarious GOP, and the dangerous and deadly growing in power “White Supremacist” movement. You are hammered with emotional guilt and told what to think and feel because they are Moral Compasses of society. They know what is best for you and that is all you should know.

This has led people to switch off and why? There is a lack of playful humor that mocks some of the sillier elements of Politics, like a gaffe from a Politician, a silly tweet that out of context provides loads of material and even going as far as to describe different weighs Bill Clinton had a dad gut (David Letterman if memory serves me correctly). They do not even try to provide jokes anymore, instead relying on easy low jabs or outrageous humor, that people appear to be tired of this material.Why would you watch a diatribe of being told to feel Guilt instead of looking to laugh and mock as form of escapism of the daily events? People want to escape Reality, but instead they are being forced to face this one sided argument every time they open a magazine, watch a TV show or movie, watch a sports event, etc.

Ratings for Late Night TV Shows have dropped based off this report from the Washington Examiner: 

This is the Law of Consequences. People are switching off.

What is your opinion of these Late Night Show Hosts? Were they ever actually “funny” and not one sided? Has there always been a “slight of hand” when they try to make arguments based off of their opinions? Did you ever enjoy just watching these hosts, side stepping the slight leanings and laugh as they poked fun at silly stuff? Should these Hosts use their shows as Platforms to push their Agendas without bringing on Guests with a difference of opinion?

The other question I’ll ask is: Do you think this is another sign that the Culture War is shifting towards those regular average every day Americans who are sick and tired of the constant divisions being pushed by all forms of Media?

The Rogue Elf

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