Freedom Friday Open Thread 10/6/17

Happy Freedom Friday! Its nearly the weekend and time to give it that last bit of effort to survive the work week.

For today’s theme I’ve decided to choose Accents and Word Pronunciations.

Which accent do you find the most difficult to understand even though they are speaking English? Which accent do you find soothing or alluring? What words do these accents pronounce you find amusing, attractive or plain confusing?  Which accent do you inwardly groan towards upon hearing, like over a phone? Are there more than one?

I’ll start by saying I find the Australian accent to be attractive, especially the Sheilas. I used to detest hearing an Indian accent over the phone until I learned to be patient and slow in how I talk and respond because of my time at NCR. Another accent that I enjoy hearing speak their own language are the Japanese and Chinese and picking up on the differences of the voice actors in an Anime and Martial Arts movies when they pronounce similar phrases (thank you subtitles).

So Accents. This should be amusing. If you have any amusing tales involving the accents like confusion or frustration, please do share. I’ll share my own a bit later

The Rogue Elf


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