Does the United States of America have a “Gun Problem”?


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The Act of Evil that occurred Sunday in Las Vegas has dragged up the talks of “We need more Gun Control”, “We need to police more”, and other such passionate based arguments to essentially remove the God given right to self defense. We keep hearing that we, as people who want to preserve the founding principles of this country, are cold, heartless and don’t care that people died because we are bitter gun clingers corrupted by the NRA and false information from the nefarious GOP. We keep being told quite simply: Only the Government can Solve our collective “Gun Problem”.

With all that stated, I think the question that should be proposed to you is this:

“Does our Country have a Gun Problem?”

My opinion simply stated is: No. I do not think this country has a gun issue. Nor do I think there is any type of Law or Policy that promotes Gun Control can be pushed through Congress on pure illogical passionate based reasoning that could have prevented or stopped Steven Paddock.

How could we have prevented Steven Paddock?

Well that I don’t have an answer or solution to. That is quite simply because we are still clueless as to how, who, why, what, when and where of Steven Paddock. We know Steven Paddock killed 50+ people and wounded 500+ more. That is the who and what. We know the where which is Las Vegas. We have a vague idea of How with what details have been made public. We still have no clue as to the Why even though Social Media has been creating its own “Theories” based off whatever rumor or smoke of something that may be evidence or not. Not knowing the How or Why means we can not dictate any policy or law as of right now that would prevent these acts. This means quite simply how can we prevent what we don’t know happened?

My opinion, the Government is useless when it comes to these acts and the reason is that its not the Government’s Job to prevent these acts. That Job falls on Society’s Shoulders.

This was not a Tragedy. This was a Horrible Act of Evil. Laws can not prevent Evil, only punish it and make very public spectacle of the punishment to deter would be copy cats. No the USA does not have a Gun Problem. The issue goes well beyond the Gun, but that is another debate, another topic.

So you, as the reader, do you think there is a Gun Problem in the USA? Do you think there is anything we can do to prevent these mass shootings or reduce them? Has anything come across your radar that you feel would be good policy or a Law? What are your thoughts?

The Rogue Elf


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