A Servile Attitude

By Stephen L. Hall

Recent conversations have alerted to the growing prevalence of a servile attitude within certain generations and subcultures of America. Let me make it clear, and in no uncertain terms, I am not your servant. I do not, I will not, live my life to serve your needs, wants, and desires.

The ACA repeal debate often devolves into leftist stating that they are willing to pay higher taxes so that everyone can have health care, and that I and people like me are uncaring and thus cruel to our fellow man if we are not like them virtuously willing to give of their purses to create a system of universal medicine.

The endless parade of fringe sexual deviants and mentally deranged identity crisis are to be embraced, fawned upon, catered to, and special privileges granted unto lest our society’s cruel bigotries cause their feelings and unwarranted self-esteem to crumble to dust.

Those same fragile egos of questionable mental stability must be given weapons, placed alongside normal people in combat units so that they are not deprived of potential career advancements and becoming a symbol of our society’s openness and inclusiveness, and unlike those normal folks, their cosmetic surgical operations ought to be free.

Speaking of things which must be free is that higher education of academia for whatever inspiring cause to advocates such things as free health care, public restroom accommodations for 56 variant genders, safe spaces where people can complain about everything which they can conceivably imagine oppresses them and triggers their fragile egos into meltdowns of tantrums because artists a couple millennia ago used white marble.

Except, all of the leftist causes demand that the government rob from the ant to give to the grasshopper. There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Oh, wait . . . school lunches are free. I have recently wondered if that very concept of free school lunches was not just to bribe poor people into voting for leftists, not ostensibly to feed malnourished and neglected children, but rather entirely designed to eliminate that ancient maxim from the English lexicon.

Think about it. “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” “You can’t get something for nothing.” “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” These very old and very common sayings have been the greatest thorn in the sides of progressives for over a hundred years. It is the common sayings which convey from one generation to the next the core philosophy of society, and in this case the very notion that everything has a cost.

But, recent rumblings from young left wing activists calling for the perpetual revolution now no longer seem to recognize the very concept that what they want must have an actual cost. Not to long ago when someone would have advocated for free education, the immediate rational response would have been, “well, who’s going to pay for it?”

Somebody’s got to pay for it. “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” But these young people have started responding, “nobody has to pay for it, it’s free.”

It is like a vital basic concept is just missing from their brains. That concept makes it impossible to actually communicate with them. There is no cost-benefit analysis . . . if one simply believes that there is no cost.

As silly and mocking as it is, that South Park “underwear gnome” theory of business seems to have taken hold of a large segment of the population, with just a large question mark linking what they want to do and the effect they desire to result from those actions.

Let us fill in that question mark with logical causal connections, and we can actually get back to the original topic of the post.

What is a safe space anyway? An area where that big question mark may not be answered. It’s as simple as that. If you call someone a bad name, e.g. racist, sexist, ____phobic, conservative, et cetera; then they may respond with logical reasons why your assertion is fallacious. We can’t have that, thus create safe spaces where baseless accusations may not be answered with logic and reason.

They have declared that everyone is inherently equal and demand that they be treated as such in every possible aspect of life. Logic and reason dictate that the probability of any two groups not picked at random will be mathematically different in virtually any aspect you choose provable with a sufficient sample size to a statistically significant degree is virtually a certainty.

Ergo, logically, the level of equality presumed by the left is mathematically impossible to attain. But in their efforts to attain the impossible, a small family bakery was fined $135,000 for not baking a wedding cake for ceremony which was against their religious faith.

Recent uproar over the President declaring that people suffering from a gender form of body dysmorphia would not be serving in the military and getting free cosmetic surgery to better accommodate that dysmorphia. To my mind, gender reassignment surgery would be the equivalent of buying fun-house mirrors for anorexia or bulimia patients to make them feel better about their body dysmorphia.

We get to the free education and free health care, but they never ask the simple question of how are teachers, nurses, and doctors to be paid if it is free. They will then concede that it will be the government paying for it in a single payer system.

When you point out that the government gets its money from the taxpayer, you get either the stupid answer or the obnoxious, condescending answer.

The stupid answer is just that the government prints money so paying for it will not be a problem. Stupidity like that will lead to over 800% annual inflation rates as they are experiencing in Venezuela currently, and massive commodity shortages as socialism comes to it’s inevitable collapse of society.

The obnoxious, condescending answer is that the taxpayer not only will pay for the services of the non-taxpayer, but that they should be glad and willing to give such charity to help out those non-workers who magically through their non-work contributed to your privileged existence of working and having. It would be uncaring and un-Christian of you to deny helping out your fellow man.

These are the people who want to call it “universal” healthcare rather than “single payer” or government healthcare, and declare that everyone has a “right to” healthcare the same way they have a “right to” education. Of course, if it is “universal” healthcare, then ought not the universe be the one to pay for it?

Safe spaces, societal accommodation, and free stuff, all require of me.

It is not that they ask me to stand aside and permit them the folly of their ways. They demand my money, the product of my work, the value of my life to subsidize and support their follies. The folly of the left is paid for my leeching the life’s work of others.

The argument could certainly be made regarding whether or not such folly ought to prohibited as detrimental to society in general, or that the specific repercussions of such folly fall upon the fool, justly teaching them the natural consequences of their own actions. That is the classic debate between the libertarian and the conservative, whether folly ought to be permitted or prohibited.

Contrary to both is the progressive view that such folly ought to be not merely permitted but encouraged and subsidized by the taxes and funding of those conservatives and libertarians. It is insufficient for the progressive that folly be allowed, it must be required and universal, we must all be fools together or the folly will not be able to work.

That is the abstract argument of the left, that actions must be collective, must be universal. As some of those actions must by random chance be foolish, then we must all be fools together.

Those who are not progressive, who would resist a collective but stupid policy, must be forced to comply with the universal stupidity. They must be made to serve. There are always useful idiots willing to serve, but odd it seems to be attacked and vilified for refusing to serve.

I will not serve and advance folly, my life is not yours to command.

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