Hot Mess Update

Finding something to write about today was pretty impossible due to the whiplash of reporters reacting to EVERYTHING real and perceived. So I’m just gonna state some of my observations and you can discuss them or not.

Trump may or may not have told the Russians something. This probably isn’t an impeachable offense since he’s pretty much in charge of the secret stuff. The source is…somebody. They think. Maybe.

The White House quickly denied these claims but didn’t really deny them. And then Trump tweeted the complete opposite.

Seth Rich may or may not have been the WikiLeaks source for the “DNC hack.” Podesta or someone close to Podesta may or may not have had him killed. The FBI may or may not be covering this up. The source is a private investigator, not hired by the Rich family, who talked to some guy.

Comey admitted under oath about a week ago that Trump hadn’t interfered in any FBI investigations. But now that he’s been fired, he may or may not have a memo he jotted down after a conversation with Trump from 3 months ago that states that Trump did interfere. So either Comey lied under oath or there is no memo. The source is some guy who read part of the memo to a reporter.

The only thing I’m kind of sure about is that it would appear that some “Erdogan people” kicked the ever-lovin crap out of some protesters in Washington DC and there were only 2 arrests. What I find disturbing is the video shows the police holding 2 people on the ground with hands behind their backs, but neither of these was any of the men in suits that were kicking people in the head.

So there you have it. May 16th in a nutshell.

Oops. Almost forgot to yell “Impeach!”

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