The Cult of Equality

Monday morning words by Stephen L. Hall, and let me just say that I really like this one.–FR


Ongoing leftist chants and dogma about everything and everyone being equal is destroying the very fabric of civilization. Communist thugs like “antifa” feed off of the insanity created by the false worship of “equality” preached from the pulpits of academia.

Heretic that I am, I loath and despise the very concept of equality, except of course in the pure mathematical sense of the word. I will not give up mathematics because of a political movements attempts to corrupt the very words of mathematics.

What is it that one means when that they call something or someone equal, as juxtaposed to the mathematical meaning of the word in objective measurable matters such as 2 + 2 = 5?

Yes, I know that is wrong. You know it’s wrong. That it is wrong is obvious to everyone. And, that is the point. In mathematics equality is an objective fact which can be proven or dis-proven.

If 2 + 2 = 4, then it should be just as obvious that Mike = Jane, or Robert = Jamal, or buggery = marriage, or any other leftist cause d’ jour. Because once you declare everything equal as a universal concept, then to dispute such assertion in any manner shape or form becomes the social equivalent of declaring that 2 + 2 =5.

I shall declare my heresy here, now, and henceforth: men are not the same as women, children are not the same as adults, racial differences exist, there are only two genders, immorality is not the same as morality, religions are not the same, some cultures are better than others, and, as I think about it, the list is simply too expansive to declare all of my anti-equality heresies here and now.

Because reality is not mathematically simple. Different things are different, not equal, for the very reason that they are different. The very fact that you distinguish one thing from another recognizes that they are different. If things are different, then often one will be better than the other, and one thing better than another in one aspect may be worse in another aspect.

These are as obvious in their truth as the mathematical concept of equality, that 2 + 2 < 5 and that 2 + 2 > 3.

There is a large and vocal portion of our modern society which has, contrary to rationality, declared equality where it does not exist. It does not merely make this mistake once, or twice, but has raised this fallacy to a universal level, a religious dogma of the Socialist Cult of Leftism, or the Cult of Equality.

When a group has collectively decided that everyone is equal and that every behavioral choice is equal, and thus raise that concept to the level of a religious dogma, then that group has set itself and its society up for a disaster of stupidity. Reality and false doctrine cannot coexist.

We look aghast that the cultists can declare these things equal despite all rationality.

I could quite easily, and lazily, fill this post with repeated examples of hypocrisy from the leftists regarding their whimsical and arbitrary assertions of “equality”, but that distracts from the real focus of why “equality” is such a political dogma of leftists.

It is the fraudulent and willful misconception of equality by the leftists upon which I would desire to focus. It would be very easy, and quite generous, to merely ascribe to the leftist an ignorance of not understanding that equality does not mean equivalence and to distinguish the two words, e.g. that men and women can have equality before the law, but that does not mean that they are identical in all aspects, and in their desires.

That would let the leftists off the hook too easily for their pronounced foolish worship of equality. Sometimes, the overwhelming majority of times, things are simply not equal. For example, IQ scores fall along a normal distribution curve. If you know anything about probability density curves, then you would know that the probability of any two people chosen at random of having equal IQ scores is approximately zero.

They may be very close, only one or two points apart, or vastly different, fifty or more points apart, but it is effectively impossible for them to be exactly equal. People are not discrete entities, not digital but analog. That means people vary and are different; further, groups vary and are different.

The very concept of ‘branding’ of merchandise, the marketing of products, is that one car is different than another, one toaster is different than another. In other words, they are not equal. My product is better than my competitor’s product is the basis of any merchant hocking their wares. It is what those leftist schools like Harvard and Yale do to claim to be worth the extra tuition and endowments from which they profit.

The leftist imagines that things are equal, insists that they are equal, when they are clearly and demonstrably not equal. “Delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness called a “psychosis” in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined.”

Leftist claim that to reject their socialist/communist agenda is equal to being a ‘nazi’. So, in simpler terms, to reject socialism is to be a socialist. They equate supporting Trump with supporting Hitler, but reject the equality of one socialist with another socialist, of a communist with a fascist. They are, not surprisingly, not consistent in their delusions of equality.

They want equal pay for equal work. But when someone points out to them that the work is not equal, they reject that and demand you accept that all work is equal. Flipping burgers at McDonald’s is the equal of a neurosurgeon.

Faced with that obvious inconsistency, they leap to demanding an equal number of male and female neurosurgeons. (Notice they do not demand equal numbers of burger flippers.) They demand that there be equality in the numbers of black, white, and purple neurosurgeons as well.

The cult has grown progressively (pun intended) more outlandish as their delusion has become more accepted because it takes ever greater lunacy to stand out and attract the attention they seek. Everyone being equal, they demand attention and praise for their equality, because their equality is better than everyone else’s equality.

No matter how delusional the leftist twists the human mind, part of it remains and seeks to distinguish itself as better than its competition. They have created for themselves a myth of seventy some ‘genders’, at last count, to distinguish their sexual proclivities and preferences in attire to distinguish themselves so that they are not equal to their fellow leftist, demanding that you respect every fictitious ‘gender’ equally.

The individuals in this Cult of Equality struggle constantly to not be equal, to stand out amongst their fellow equals, to lead the society of equals.

Lewis and Clark noted in their travels amongst the natives that young men would frequently engage in raiding parties on their neighboring tribes in a near constant state of mild warfare. This was what they surmised kept the Indians in a primitive state of stone age development, but the natives considered it necessary because the tribe’s leaders were only those who distinguished themselves in war. Raiding parties were a substitute for war where a brave could earn his place as a leader.

The tribes of the Cult of Equality likewise have to prove their non-equality by demanding their neighbors recognize their moral demands of equality for some obscure neglected group, because the big names have already been claimed by the former leaders of equality. To them, the “civil rights” movement was a war which defined leaders. They must conduct equality raids lacking an equality war in which to prove their abilities.

The Cult of Equality is the emergence of a modern stone age culture amongst the ‘progressives’ where these insane demands of the recognition of their equality cause proves the leadership qualities of the next chieftains. It is not an accident that men like Brianna Wu are seeking political offices, leadership positions.

Those of us on the outside looking in, like settlers in the frontier, are subject to their equality cause raids, and view them for the savages that they are. Pity them, they lack the foundations of civilization, deprived of reason by their Cult of Equality, by which to chose competent leaders without the constant conflict.

What is a civilized man to do in the face of a primitive, mindless cult?

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