Freedom Friday Open Thread: Ridiculousness Edition

There’s no shortage of ridiculousness going on in the country today so I figured we could list them all here. I’ll start.

Here’s a resolution passed by the Student Government Association at Western Kentucky University demanding free tuition for all black students as reparations for slavery. Apparently WKU has an unusually large population of students who were once slaves even though slavery was abolished 150 years ago. Also, tests are racists, so no more standardized tests–for blacks–to get into college. Ridiculous for a multitude of reasons.

And this totally unbiased journalist republican, I mean Trump, basher posted the names and addresses of all the donors to Trump’s inauguration and then enlisted the help of random people on Twitter to track them down and verify their existence. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m sure she’d be okay with someone doing this to Hillary’s inauguration donors, right? Oh LOL nevermind, Hillary didn’t have an inauguration! Oops. My bad. So what about Obama’s donors? Think she’s gonna hunt down his donors too? And yes, she used the word “hunt.” You’d think that would be one of those trigger words we always hear about.

Ridiculous AND dangerous.

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