Dumb Marketing: Stop Alienating Half of the Country’s Buyers

Yesterday someone linked a tweet in our comments from Fast Company regarding REI’s new sales campaign.

And by now you all know of my disdain for the bogus “gender equality” push. So of course I typed out a mini rant in the comments.

But this post isn’t necessarily about that particular tweet. I’m just using it as an example.

It’s about all companies and brands that feel the need to get political. This trend has been increasing for some time. STOP IT. And the same goes for celebrities.

Why potentially tick off half of your customers? Rockettes dancers, I’m talking to you too. Even if everyone in your company votes the same way, that does not mean that all of the people who purchase your product do.

Of course you have the right to say and do whatever you want with your company, but do you stop and really these things through? We are buying your product, not your political ideology. Sure the overwhelming percentage of people who work in the entertainment industry are liberal and that’s perfectly fine, but it’s not just liberals who enjoy being entertained. We pay you to entertain us, not lecture us.

I appreciate REI trying to gear more outdoor equipment towards women. It’s smart marketing. Women are the major purchasers. Selling and promoting a product line which accommodates the different contours of a woman’s body, like these hydration packs, is just good business sense. If you get a female runner or hiker into the store for this one item, chances are she buys other things as well. And we all know how much women like to talk, so in addition to her purchases, she will most likely refer a friend. However, when words like “gender equality” are thrown into the marketing plan, people like me immediately scoff and turn away. Which is the exact opposite of smart marketing.

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