Inside and Out: We all share some of the Current Blame

By Mrs. Pinky

The modern church has conceded on straight heterosexual sexual sins that it is almost on us that no one respects our stance on the LGBT issue anymore. Something is wrong when the Christian church isn’t seen as the place of modesty and light anymore. We have not stood up to promiscuity, adultery, human trafficking, pregnancy out of wedlock (on the males as well) enough. In fact, we have some so-called members endorsing sin that sit in positions of power and aren’t told off by Church leadership.

Further, the world gets away with the lie that we are not to judge. No, the Word says not to judge hypocritical. There is no, “do as you feel” when it comes to being a Christian or even being an American citizen. There are laws that govern how we are to behave in the church and in our country. The 60-70s hippie culture has convoluted freedom with anything goes. Anything doesn’t even go in nature. Unless an oxygen atom finds a positive hydrogen, we do not get water. Somethings are not subjective, worldly or in the church.

Yet, the fault doesn’t just lie on outsiders of this country or this church. Anti-theist, atheist, and foreign nationals do not alone own the blame for this “falling away” we see. Nothing cannot stand on a bad or divided foundation. Unfortunately, instead of us all uniting to do what is better for the common good in the long term, people are voting and working toward what is beneficial to themselves. Selfishness is running rampant and its results are here and now.

I have heard it put that, “You are working against your own self-interest”. How do you know what is interesting to me? Why aren’t your goals about others? When has the goal of life been just about what I want? Like I tell our son, we don’t live on this planet alone.

Are we not social creatures that actions can have consequences on others? Even, Adam and Eve ignored God’s direction because they believe they wouldn’t surely die and themselves be gods. Neither thought of the long-term implications of how their actions would hurt their future families. Adam and Eve were childlike, wanting what only benefited them (or so they believed). How many people have had negative consequences based on who you were related to? You had to suffer, bail someone out, or watch idly by as someone you love self-destructed

Evangelical preacher, Ravi Zacharias from India and a world-renowned minister says something that isn’t even theological but worldly too. He says that, paraphrasing, we have created focus on the self that there are so many terms with “self” in it: Self-esteem, self-help, and self-perseverance. We are focused on only us that what happens outside our bubble is beyond our own care. I am not speaking that we cannot do both, but lately, most are not. And the effects are astounding.

How many wars are going simultaneously, traffic accidents and culture wars because we are only caring about the self. The church and our government, while supposedly separate, are facing that problem. They are pointing fingers outward to find someone to blame for what ails us and thinking inward when coming up with ways that benefit the internal. Funny that. We can’t take responsibility on an internal level for the problems of our society YET we can blame the external when accountability time comes due. This is a huge problem.

How can the church, political parties or even parents fix problems outward when we won’t look inward? The Slippery Slope argument is not a joke and we are falling at rapid speed. As people seek to point fingers, the world is lacking true leadership from our government, community and church because of a failure to catch the ball before it started rolling downhill.

For example, The LGBT community has seen the church concede on so much. They want a pass too. Just like the talk of a border wall, everyone wants in without doing the same work to get in or to do what it takes to become a member. The Bible is firm on sin. The Constitution is firm on the rules of law and has a mechanism built in it to make change. Yet, we tend to point out some sins while not addressing others pitting some above the rest. We are going nowhere fast. We are running in circles.

For instance, The Vatican has not firmly addressed the child abuse and molestation scandal. Even in Protestant churches closeted pedophilia, adultery, fornication goes without saying as we publicly bash LGBT individuals. Lying is just as much as bad as everything else terrible we can think of and we allow it all the time. White lies, little lies, and even fairy tales are still lying and we give all those a pass. Yes, the biblical law of the ten commands isn’t meant to be followed by the letter because it is too hard; BUT some things will always be wrong no matter what.

As the Grand Ole Party dominates our political houses since November, people are beginning to let them get away with the very things we elected them to stop. And they look shocked no one trusts them. Progressives have become the bullies the were against. The Protestant church is losing the hearts and minds of our young to the Muslims.

We cannot tackle what ails us if we cannot work inside and then out. Divided a House cannot stand, and we are tipping.

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