Bad Guys With Guns, Good Guys With Guns

The media has been strangely silent regarding the Friday shooting spree in Kansas, which resulted in the deaths of three innocent people and the wounding of fourteen others. The psycho was killed by police. Normally mass shootings like this are … Continue reading

2016 South Carolina Democrat Primary, Women’s Suffrage

Today, South Carolina democrats will go to the polls to vote for the democrat nominee for president. They will choose between Bernie Sanders, a socialist, and Hillary Clinton, also a socialist. Maybe they should consider changing the party name to … Continue reading

Third CNN Republican Debate: February 25, 2016 Houston, Texas

The University of Houston will host a Republican debate tonight, sponsored by CNN and Telemundo. Wolf Blitzer will directing his unbiased questions at Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and John Kasich. The debate begins at 8:30pm EST … Continue reading