This Blog Entry May Be Declared a Hate Crime Someday

On December 17th, U.S. House Rep. Donald Beyer (D-VA) introduced the following resolution to the Judiciary Committee on behalf of 82 co-sponsors, all Democrats–it should be reproduced and read in its entirety: 114th CONGRESS 1st Session H. RES. 569 Condemning … Continue reading

Ohio Home Invasion Doesn’t Work Out Too Well For One of the Invaders

After the news that made headlines last month regarding Amanda Blackburn, the pregnant Indiana pastor’s wife who was murdered in a horrific home invasion, it’s good to see a story where the victim of another home invasion resisted the ruthless … Continue reading

An Open Thread: This Day in Vincent Van Gogh, George Washington, and George Costanza History

On this day 232 years ago, an event took place that helped establish a nation with–as President Abraham Lincoln put it–a “government of the people, by the people, for the people.” It was on December 23rd, 1783, that the Commander-in-Chief … Continue reading

The CO2 Response: Dismissing Reality, Obama Lists High Hopes for Change in the Coming Year

Lists are cool. The existence of Buzzfeed is proof of this. Year-end lists are the coolest because we get to remember what was so cool about the year that is now behind us. Obama is the most coolest President ever, … Continue reading