Accounts of a Few Dozen Indicate That Texas Wants 240,000 Women to Do Their Own Abortions, Study Warns

Last week, I went to Yahoo’s main page to sign in to one of my email accounts, but one of the slideshow headlines at the top of the page got my attention. With their frequent prog-heavy and/or vapid clickbait, Yahoo’s … Continue reading

The CO2 Response: Joe Versus the Islamic State…and the Majority of Americans

Since President Obama was abroad trying to shame Americans on the world stage because they don’t want another 9/11, or a 3/11, a 7/7, or an 11/13 to happen here, “Shotgun” Joe Biden gave this week’s address to the nation… … Continue reading

Anti-Police Protesters Disrupt Milwaukee Tree Lighting Ceremony, Children’s Choir (Updated)

Via WISN in Milwaukee: Protesters are interrupting the city/county tree lighting ceremony. They are calling for justice in the death of Dontre Hamilton at Red Arrow Park. Dontre Hamilton was shot and killed in the park by a Milwaukee police … Continue reading

Open Thread: The Eeevulll Koch Brothers’ Clandestine “Spy Agency”

If you're not all in on the Koch bros' "free enterprise philosophies" they might hand your name to their spy agency. — Brian Beutler (@brianbeutler) November 18, 2015 Gasp! Free enterprise! Because only the Koch Bros mine intelligence on … Continue reading