CNBC Republican Presidential Debate Open Thread

So there’s another Republican primary debate tonight, this time on CNBC. It will be broken up into two parts like the two previous debates were. The lowest-polling candidates will get their turn to make their appeals to voters at 6pm … Continue reading

The Week So Far in -ists and -isms

In our neo-enlightened America, it seems that everything is -ist now, or select groups–sometimes all groups–are guilty of some form of -isming or -phobiaing. This week especially, and it’s only Wednesday. Here are a few examples of the -ismzzz we’ve … Continue reading

Navy Day 2015

Today is Navy Day, which is the day this republic recognizes the efforts of the United States Navy, the largest naval force in the world. Navy Day was established by the Navy League in 1922, using this date in honor … Continue reading

The CO2 Response: Territorial Micturatings (For the Kids) (Updated)

It’s been almost two months since President Obama talked about going to Alaska, where he melted a glacier with his heat vision or whatever, so we were about due for another climate talk. He started out this week’s address by … Continue reading

What Difference Will It Make? Benghazi Hearing Open Thread. The Finale, Maybe

I’ve been mostly disappointed while watching the Benghazi hearings. Not enough forcing her to answer direct questions. Too much of letting her give dissertations and campaign type speeches. Part One did have some excitement. Part Two was quite dull. Part … Continue reading

What Difference Will It Make? Benghazi Hearing Open Thread Parts Deux and Trois

Today’s Benghazi hearing featuring guest star Hillary Clinton will be broken down into four parts. Part one lasted a little over three hours. It’s gonna be a long day, folks! For those without cable, or who may be at work … Continue reading

What Difference Will It Make? Benghazi Hearing Open Thread Part 1

Today is the day for the long awaited testimony from Hillary Clinton in front of the Benghazi committee. This is not her first testimony in these hearings, but it is her first time since she was forced to turn over … Continue reading

Cynicism 2016

With Joe “BFD” Biden declaring that he won’t be running for the Democratic nomination for President, that leaves the party with Hillary Clinton as their leading contender. Bernie Sanders is slightly ahead of her (41 percent to 36 percent) in … Continue reading