Just-A-Blogger Looks Into Political Games Over Local GE Plant Closure, Is Soon Overwhelmed (Updated)

Update: The Milwaukee Fox affiliate reports that Governor Walker considers the soon-to-be-displaced GE workers “pawns” and says he plans to get involved in trying to keep those jobs in Waukesha: Gov. Scott Walker pledged Tuesday that state and local officials … Continue reading

The CO2 Response: Drug Take-Back Programs Are Bad, Mkay?

It’s as if Obama is saying, “Ha! I’d like to see how CO2 could possibly tear apart this week’s address.” Somehow, I managed. According to the president, Saturday the 26th was “National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.” “It’s a day where … Continue reading

Post-CNN GOP Debate Polls Arrive at Consensus That Trump’s Popularity Has Slipped

Over the last few days, several polls have been released that are pretty consistent with one another, at least with regard to the race for the Republican presidential nomination. CNN, Fox News, Quinnipiac, and Bloomberg have polled Americans on this … Continue reading

Talking Points Memo Misses the Memo on Accuracy and Consistency of Talking Points

The health care-centric Kaiser Family Foundation–the non-partisan (except for the 98% of donations its employees give to Democrats), non-profit organization–released its 2015 Employer Health Benefits Survey on Tuesday. Tierney Sneed at Talking Points Memo thought she had a “gotcha!” on … Continue reading

Trump’s Latest Victim: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (Updated w/ Video of Walker Press Conference)

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry was the first to fold. Now current Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker has decided to give up his political aspirations of becoming President of the United States, at least for the 2016 race. Just yesterday, … Continue reading

The CO2 Response: Lies, Damned Statistics Damned Statistics, and Budgets Budgets Budgets

This is getting ridiculous. It’s three weeks in a row now that Obama’s repeated the same statistics in his national address. And twice in the last month that the same title was used for his address. The title of this … Continue reading